The Escape start before GLaDOS wake up Portal 2 Singleplayer Map

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10 March, 2015Easy
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It's actually the chamber. Later reconstructed by GLaDOS. In different version. But similar enough.And no, I used BEE2. I can't even work with Hammer Editor.


Posted by BloxxingBlocks on 10 March 2015 at 12:53:34 PM

Just a note: Since I am a dumb noob I can't learn Hammer editor, All I can do is use PeTI and BEE2 mod. And no, this chamber does NOT require BEE2 itself. But chambers with high energy pellet may require BEE2. Also for the animal king i do not use - it shows error model if I don't have BEE2. I don't know for you :cake:

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